Basement Wall Waterproofing Membrane

On account of its location, a basement is more susceptible to water damage than other structures. Moreover, water accumulating in a basement won’t dry out as quickly and easily as the rest of the house. This is because very little sunlight reaches the basement, which is located several feet beneath the ground level. Thus, you should always make every adjustment to protect your basement from water damage.

A simple search on the internet can give you several names of organisations into basement wall waterproofing membrane, but if you want a professional, trustworthy service that undertakes waterproofing meant to last and do its job, you needn’t look further than Aqualert Waterproofing. Our basement wall waterproofing membrane service in Melbourne takes away all the pain and hassle you otherwise would have to undergo. We are committed to keeping your property and all its aspects dry and free of water damage.

So, what exactly do we do as part of the basement wall waterproofing membrane? We use polymers and membranes to coat the outside of your basement wall. Sometimes, we install a trench drain to keep water out of and away from the basement. We employ both techniques for a foolproof mechanism against water damage in some circumstances. As a technique, draining any water or moisture outside the property is the best way to prevent damage later.

That is because, if the above is not done, you will face musty odours, dirty, slippery floors and (over time), your basement might simply cave in. We at Aqualert Waterproofing are committed to providing a basement wall waterproofing membrane that is guaranteed to keep your basements clean, dry and free from unwanted seepage. Get in touch with our team to know more about our services.

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