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A basement, on account of its location deep down at the bottom of a building, is more prone to water leaks and seepages. If this is not checked in time, you will have to deal with unpleasant odours, slippery, mouldy floors and considerable additional expenditure to fix the above. We, Aqualert Waterproofing, are a reputable basement waterproofing service in Melbourne that you can rely upon to take care of all things related to water damage.

Whether you are living in Melbourne or elsewhere, basement waterproofing is important. It goes a long way in keeping your property free of damage from water. But people often ignore this aspect, leading to unnecessary costs and difficulties later on.

Basement waterproofing in Melbourne ensures your basement is well protected from the elements, and you can actually use it for living or as a storage area without fear of damage to goods and furniture. How does basement waterproofing help? There are basically two approaches to it – interior and exterior waterproofing methods.

However, the best way to provide protection to your basement from water damage is to waterproof it from the inside. We basically establish an interior drainage system inside your basement floor. This system includes a drain and a sump pump which will drain water out in case of seepage. So, there is no water on the floor, ever.

Other basement waterproofing methods in Melbourne include using coatings and sealants on the outside of the floors. This is more of a temporary method. This method repairs cracks and areas on the floor from where water could leak. Want to know how we can help you with other such services? Get in touch with the team today.

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