Cement Moisture Barrier

Your property is exposed to various harmful elements of nature. Over time, you might have faced electrical failures due to lightning strikes, fires, water damage, steam burns and many other types of adverse events. Water percolating in through leaky pipes within walls or from below the basement floor or from old, rusty faucets is a very common thing which everyone has faced at some point in their lives. Usually, when it comes to water damage in walls and floors, the use of a cement moisture barrier is very helpful and effective.

What is a cement moisture barrier?

It’s something that prevents moisture or water from seeping through and coming up to a surface. Usually, it is made up of plastic. It is also known as a vapour barrier. Its chief job is to ensure the surface to which it is applied remains free of any kind of water or moisture. This moisture barrier is usually applied with tape after cleaning the floor or wall.

What does a cement moisture barrier do?

The plastic material of the barrier arrests any moisture content from going up through a wall or floor surface. It acts like waterproof adhesive tape to your structures. Even if some form of moisture were to percolate the concrete surface, this barrier would keep it from going anywhere further.

We, Aqualert Waterproofing, expertly undertake the application of cement moisture barriers. So, if you have a property that needs this, just leave it to the experts – to us – and get the peace of mind you deserve. You can get in touch with the team and explain the details. We will quickly help you with the best services that will suffice the requirements.

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