Commercial Floor Screeding

We are Aqualert Waterproofing. We are based in Melbourne and provide a range of services as part of our waterproofing profile. One amongst them is commercial floor screeding. When you take a liquid concrete mix and pour it onto a smooth surface to create a flat layer on that surface, you undertake screeding.

Commercial floor screeding is a process of applying a combination of a special type of cement (Portland Cement) to graded sand along with water. The mixture thus created is used to form an insulating layer above your floor. This layer supports the final floor finish and also protects it from water damage.

There are some specifications to be followed in commercial floor screeding. The usual cement to graded sand ratio is 1 to 3 or 1 to 5. This ratio (and water to bind the two together) ensures that the final tiling of your floor, or the final finish, has a strong, smooth base on which it is laid out. Once the screeding is set and dried, it takes the underlying shape and level of the surface it is set on, but variations in the flatness will be somewhat compensated upon. This is due to the thick surface the screeding finally provides.

Why is commercial floor screeding important? What is its purpose? Its most important function is to protect the concrete floor. Secondly, it provides an even surface, compensating for the lack of absolute flatness, if any, in the floor beneath. Lastly, screeding offers extra support and a kind of cushioning before you can lay on tiles, floorboards and the like.

Floor screeding is one of the primary activities we undertake at Aqualert Waterproofing. New office buyers and renovators, let us know if you feel we can offer you our excellent service.

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