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With the modern-day cities expanding and concrete structures coming up all around us, we all love to have a little greenery within and surrounding our homes. A variety of custom planter boxes help us grow plants and have a mini garden in our living and working space. These custom planter boxes Melbourne are easily available throughout Melbourne.

However, few of us in Melbourne realise the importance of waterproofing our custom planter boxes.

Why is this important?

Over a period of time, your planter box will get damaged on account of water accumulation and moisture. It might also develop cracks or, if wooden, the structural integrity will be lost with time. With the base of your planter box getting affected due to water and mud residues, the box will leave stains behind on your balcony or deck/patio. Waterproofing your custom planter boxes ensures protection of them from all of the above.

If you are based in Melbourne, take the help of a waterproofing service such as Aqualert. Professional waterproofing agents will come to inspect your custom planter boxes and take appropriate steps towards protecting them against moisture and excess water. They will ensure the excess water from watering your plants does not accumulate or pool within the planters. A drainage system has to be created to let all the extra water flow off. While these are the basics of waterproofing planters, a good waterproofing service will take more steps to protect your pots and planters.

We at Aqualert Waterproofing have considerable experience in activities like these. Let us know how we can help you secure your garden and its items from water damage. Visit us today to know more about it.

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