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The process of waterproofing involves making the walls and floors of your home and office safe from any water damage. This process has two major approaches to completing it. The first one is external waterproofing, wherein coatings and sealants are applied on the outside of a wall or floor surface. This hinders the entry of water or the ability of moisture to get in and spoil the surface. Internal waterproofing uses techniques on the inside of a wall or floor to prevent water damage. Today, let’s talk a little about external waterproofing undertaken in Melbourne.

To explain external waterproofing in Melbourne further, waterproofing professionals undertake two principal activities: One is the application of a sealant, epoxy or some kind of barrier membrane that won’t let water in. The other way of external waterproofing is to build some kind of a drainage system, a downspout, gutter or some other channel that directs water away from your built structure. A combination of both of these techniques is used for a more failsafe procedure. This leads to a strong waterproofing system guaranteed to prevent water damage, no matter what.

External waterproofing should ideally be undertaken at the time of construction/renovation of your premises. This will ensure there is no unwanted water leakage, seepage or moisture trouble since the beginning. This is particularly important for basement floors and walls that may come in contact with groundwater at some point.

At Aqualert Waterproofing, we have been undertaking external waterproofing services in Melbourne. We have been in business long enough to get to the root of water damage, and our professionals do a thorough job, so you always get your money’s worth.

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