How To Detect A Water Leak In Your Home

A water leakage in your home could lead to numerous amounts of damage to your home. This unwanted damage can bring on major financial expenses in the repairing of damage. Detecting a water leak in its early stages can be crucial in helping to prevent any further leakages and the consequent damage that a major leak could bring upon. 

At Aqualert Waterproofing, we specialise in roof, bathroom, balcony and swimming pool leakage detection and waterproofing to help ensure that your home is professionally and safely protected. 

An often overlooked process in the building, construction and renovating process, water leakage detection and waterproofing could save you from unwanted damage in the long term. 

With several years of experience in the waterproofing business, at Aqualert, we can assist with all your water leakages and help prevent any further damage. 

If you are concerned about a leak already in your home, here is a list of things to help you detect whether any leakage is occurring. 

Could Your Roof Be Leaking?

If your ceiling starts to sag or discolour, may be due to your roof leaking/your roof may not have been waterproofed correctly. Sometimes it can look like small water bubbles forming in the ceiling.

There could be a number of reasons for your roof leaking such as a cracked roof tile, overflowing gutters or poor waterproofing during construction or renovation. Depending on the severity of the roof leak, it could cause structural issues to your ceiling in the long run. 

How to detect a water leak in your home

Could Your Shower or Bath Be Leaking

If you notice the walls or flooring around or underneath your shower or bathroom are discolouring, becoming mouldy, smelling damp or the floors have started expanding. This may be due to water leaking from your shower or bath. You may also notice slight cracks or light stains to the flooring or walls. Over time this may build up and cause significant damage to the walls, floors and tiling throughout your home.

As the leaking may be occurring ‘behind the scenes’ of your home, you might not notice the damage straight away.  Of course you don’t want any mould growing in and around your home from excess water. 

how to detect a water leak in your home

Is Your Balcony Leaking?

You may have noticed some cracked or missing grout on your balcony, which might be causing water to build up and cause damage to your balcony. Depending on the location of your balcony, this could cause internal damage to your home and over time can create major structural damage if your balcony continues to leak. 

How to Detect if Your Swimming Pool is Leaking

If you have recently noticed some cracked tiles in your pool, the water level constantly decreasing or excess water around your pool, deck or garden it may be due to your swimming pool running a leak. The team at Aqualert Waterproofing specialise in swimming pool waterproofing, tiling and waterproofing repairs. 

Useful Tips

It is also useful to check your water meter prior to going to bed and checking it again first thing in the morning before you have a shower or turn the tap on. Any change on the meter, will also provide some assistance if there is a leak. If you have recently noticed a significant increase on your water bill, it might be a good idea to check a few things out around your house. 

If you notice any water leakage in your home, now is the time to take action. You don’t want to wait until it’s too late and further damage is done. The team at Aquaproof Waterproofing are here to help and assist with leakage detection, repairs and waterproofing services.



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