Internal Lift Pit Waterproofing

There is an area of the lift shaft that extends below the ground floor or the level of the lowermost floor. This area accommodates elevator parts that are located at its base. This area also allows some sort of clear space for bottom travel, if need be. This area is known as the lift pit. Because of its location and its being deep within the bowels of the building, the lift pit is always prone to water seeping or leaking into it. This water is very hazardous for the lift as well as its functioning. If it comes into contact with the electrical switches, it might create short circuits and electrical fires. Or it may damage the floor of the lift. Due to these reasons, internal lift pit waterproofing is something that no one should ignore.

Internal lift pit waterproofing involves many steps. The first in these is to identify gaps, holes and cracks within the base of the lift pit that may be a point of entry for groundwater. Once these are identified, they are duly plugged in with sealants and other materials that are impervious to water. Internal lift pit waterproofing also makes the use of waterproof membranes and other coatings such as Xypex.

Another internal lift pit waterproofing method is to create a waterproof seal either from inside or outside (earth retaining side) of the lift. Both of these methods will prevent any form of water (groundwater/rainwater/dirty drainage water) or moisture in the form of leakages etc., from entering the lift shaft.

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