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A retaining wall is a wall built to control the movement of soil so it does not move beyond a point. They are firm structures that help keep the soil on the other side of the wall out and don’t let it come inside or down. In the presence of a retaining wall, the soil outside it remains there; in its absence, the soil would have entered downwards and beyond its location when the wall is present.

But retaining walls are constantly exposed to humidity and water too. These elements can destroy or spoil the wall over time. Retaining wall waterproofing ensures these walls remain dry and are unaffected by humidity or the presence of water. We, Aqualert Waterproofing, are at the forefront of retaining wall waterproofing in Melbourne.

There are a number of ways to undertake retaining wall waterproofing in Melbourne. Waterproofers usually apply an acrylic primer coat onto the wall surface. This material acts as a natural barrier against moisture and humidity. Then there are also waterproofing membranes used in retaining wall waterproofing in Melbourne. Lastly, polymer sheets and liquid rubber membranes could also be applied to the retaining wall in order to waterproof it.

We, Aqualert Waterproofing, are experts in all kinds of waterproofing solutions. When you leave the waterproofing of the retaining wall to the experts, we will take care of everything, including your peace of mind. We follow the Building Code of Australia and the Australian Standards (AS3740-1994). Our services include waterproofing (balcony, swimming pool, roof waterproofing), screeding and tiling. We are the leading and trusted waterproofing experts specialised in both internal and external waterproofing since 2018. Book a visit and learn more about our services.

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