If you are building a swimming pool or have an existing pool in your backyard, it is important to ensure it is waterproofed correctly and by a professional. This will help safeguard your pool against unwanted cracks and leakage, which could cause major damage. Here at Aqualert, we provide pool waterproofing services at a high quality standard, using 2 part Mapei Mapelastic Smart, which is a waterproofing membrane product.

Benefits of Swimming Pool Waterproofing

Ensuring your swimming pool is waterproofed correctly is a vital step in securing it against cracks and leakage and helping to protect the long term health of your pool. Our expert professionals at Aqualert have several years of experience in waterproofing and can assist in detecting pool leakages and carrying out the swimming pool waterproofing process to a high standard. By using our services, we can help ensure the long term reliability and durability of your pool structure.

Not only do we provide swimming pool waterproofing services, but we are also able to assist with the waterproofing of your pool deck and surrounding pool features.

Adequate waterproofing of your swimming pool and pool deck are essential elements in the building/ renovating process and can help prevent unwanted water damage costs in the long term, which could occur due to insufficient waterproofing.

Swimming Pool Waterproofing

Importance of Swimming Pool Waterproofing 

It is imperative that swimming pools are waterproofed correctly during construction, along with other areas near the pool, which may be exposed to water. Such as decking or other seating/lounging areas.

Pool Tiling & Repairs 

If you think your pool is leaking, needs re-tiling or are in the process of building a new swimming pool or even a spa area, contact Aqualert Waterproofing on 0490 122 112.

Our team also specialises in tiling, bathroom and balcony waterproofing. Check out our gallery to see our work.

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