Wall Membrane Sheet

A wall membrane sheet (also known as a cavity wall membrane) is an interior damp wall remedy that manages and controls water leakage through a gap generated between the cavity wall membrane and the bottom or cellar wall. A wall membrane sheet is a thin, watertight covering material applied to a surface.

Water cannot enter through this layer since it is constant. For instance, a wall membrane sheet could be put over the foundation slab or below the finishing tiles on a level terrace, preventing water from penetrating the foundation slab. Subsequently, the water is sent to an appropriate sewage system and/or sump pump.

Our waterproof wall membrane sheet is simple to install, versatile, and easy to maintain.

It is not vulnerable to splitting under the strain of external hydrostatic pressure, unlike more typical kinds of wall waterproofing. Ground tremors from neighbouring highways or rail tracks are unlikely to affect it.

A wall membrane sheet must be robust, flexible, tear-resistant, and flexible, allowing it to stretch to conceal fractures while also moving with the structure. If the membrane is exposed to the sun, it must be UV resistant. The wall membrane sheet should be able to bend and show up and over walls, and it should be elastic enough to accept any design it is placed over.

A wall membrane sheet is crucial for protecting a structure’s structural stability and occupants, irrespective of its scale, height, position, or type. The following are some of the areas where it can be used:

  • Bundled areas and confinement
  • Water tanks made of concrete
  • Planter boxes and flower beds
  • Retaining walls
  • Balconies and podiums
  • Rooms with plants
  • Roofs with a flat surface (including Green Roofs)
  • Basements/tanking

So, if you are looking for a reliable contractor to look after the waterproofing needs, Aqualert Water Proofing can help you. Send us a request today for an estimation.

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