Roofs are constantly exposed to all kinds of elements from sweltering heat, thunderstorms, hail, excess wind and huge downpours of rain. Therefore, it is imperative that your rooftop is waterproofed correctly. Aqualert Waterproofing specialises in roof waterproofing throughout Melbourne.

Over time, rooftop materials can slowly deteriorate, and water can start building up or even find its way into the ceiling of your home. This water damage could lead to a vast amount of problems that may see you having to endure major reconstruction and repairs to your home.

roof waterproofing

Through the use of membranes, we ensure your roof is properly waterproofed from the get go and to help ensure your roof is optimally protected from unwanted water leakage and damage.

Importance of Roof Waterproofing 

Sometimes waterproofing can be a forgotten process in the construction of a new house or during the renovation stages. Although often an overlooked process, adequate waterproofing can be an essential element in the long term stability and protection of your house from unwanted water leakages.

Leaking Roofs 

Preventing water damage and potential leakages to your roof by correct waterproofing, also aids in the elimination of mould or other unwanted nasties on your roof.

Roof waterproofing

There are countless issues which can be caused by leaking roofs, such as water marks and damage to the internal ceilings, damage to walls, electrical issues and not to mention the headaches and additional costs associated with repairing these issues in the future.

Here at Aqualert Waterproofing, we have several years of experience in rooftop waterproofing, we also specialise in other types of internal and external waterproofing such as bathrooms, balconies and swimming pools. Our friendly team can assist you if you are building a new house, are having issues with a suspected leaking roof or conducting a renovation. We follow the Building Code of Australia and the Australian Standards (AS3740-1994). Check out our gallery to see our work.

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